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Thanks to powerful production tools and continual investment, our structure means that varied high-technology fibres such as glass fibre, kevlar, carbon, polyethylene, etc. can be braided. Trained operators ensure the control of this essential stage in insulating sleeving production. The results are supervised by the Production Manager and validated by the Quality Manager. This rigour completes the experience of 4 generations in this speciality.


In accordance with standards requirements, all varnished insulating sleeving is strictly controlled at the coating stage and then in the laboratory. The results of these inspections are recorded on monitoring sheets which, on dispatch, are filed and retained. From class B to class C, our main objective is to offer you a varied range of sleeving with faultless quality.


This new process means that we can now offer you the first class F extruded insulating sleeving which has the advantage of being made in a single stage, thus reducing delivery times. The sleeving dimensions are continually checked on the extrusion line by a high-technology appliance requiring regular calibration.


The operators pack the products (insulating sleeving, cables, gaskets, tape) according to the requirements defined in the contracts with the client. Each contract is taken into account individually. They then carry out the inspections and records which are essential for validation of the product and prepare it for dispatch.


On the final inspection, the Dispatch Manager ensures the delivery complies with the order: product specifications, quantity, condition of the packaging and labelling defined in the contract with the client. The Dispatch Manager prints the packing and delivery slips which provide quick, easy identification of the products delivered. The pallets are loaded with the constant desire to protect the product from any damage. The time-scales stated in the acknowledgement and the means of transport are checked. All our carriers are the subject of an assessment procedure.